Single Serve Pour Over Drip Bag Coffee-Valencia Blend

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Premium Roast Single Serve Pour Over Coffee by Reborn Coffee-VALENCIA BLEND

A symphony of Colombian, Mexican, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian. Roasted for espresso and drip coffee, the Valencia blend combines elements of all of our world-class beans to provide the perfect signature blend. Amazingly balanced, full-bodied, nuanced, and packed with flavor.









  • Specialty Coffee in the most convenient form.
  • 11 grams of ready to brew pour-over coffee, perfectly balanced for your morning.
  • Since all you need is hot water, they're ideal for camping or backpacking.
  • Process: Reborn Process
  • Roasting Profile: Dark/Medium roast
  • Cupping Notes: Blueberry, Brown Sugar, Dark Chocolate, Well Balanced, Full Bodied


Pour Over Drip Bag Coffee Brewing Instruction:

  1. Take out the coffee bag and carefully tear along the dotted line.
  2. Pull out the hanging arms from the coffee bag,
  3. Pour 1 oz of boiling water to saturate coffee grounds, wait 15 seconds before gently pouring 4-5 oz of hot water over the grounds.
  4. When pouring is finished, dispose of the filter bag, dilute with hot water to suit your taste.


About our Coffees:

Reborn Green begins with a patented green coffee bean wash process.
The green, unroasted beans are “reborn” through accelerated germination.
In effect, this technology restores much of the beauty and complexity that gets lost in the long journey from farm to the roaster, creating premium quality, award-winning, eco-friendly, sprouted coffee.
You may have tasted coffee but you've never experienced anything like this.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Great coffee!

    I usually drink medium but this coffee so delicious.

    This Luxurious Coffee will make you feel REBORN

    I have been drinking my coffee without any cream, milk, or sugar for the past two years. So I have moved away from coffees with fragrant notes but are completely tasteless. My son recommended this brand Reborn when they made the list of up and coming coffee purveyors. This coffee is so delicious without any bitter aftertaste. The acidity must be low because I can drink this on an empty stomach with no ill effects. Reborn has become my reliable source for a luxurious and tranquil coffee experience at home. Looking forward to enjoying all of your products!

    Pour over coffee and No acidity.

    As a buyer of coffee beans for a casino, I earned a lot about the virtues of coffee beans and how to extract the pure qualities of nature (antioxidants)
    The corporate world has no time for processes that compromise profit, why most coffee is so acidic it is not processed or brewed correctly. I don’t factually know Reborn's processes however I have been drinking electromagnetically charged water for 7 years and have not been sick in that time frame. Properly distilled water stored in pure copper is magic......I believe this is the process Reborn uses and I can swear by it! Electromagnetic water is like a magnet pulling impurities especially metals out of your system. This must have the same effect on the coffee beans. Few corporations would take the time and money to do this. So when I drink coffee that has NO acidity like Reborn's pour over cups, I know they are using the right processes to extract the good qualities that nature has to offer, to the benefit of their customers....whether they know it or not!

    Single Serve Pour Over Drip Bag Coffee-Valencia Blend

    The filters are a little flimsy, they teared right down the sides for me and the grounds leaked out! I am extra careful now. Coffee taste is decent. Looking for a little more depth in the flavor, but maybe that's hard to achieve. The "bloom" didn't last as long as I would have liked.

    Good Coffee

    This coffee is good but a bit light for my taste. Pretty smooth & not bitter. So far this brand in general is great