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A menu of a coffee shop

Reborn Coffee Menu

Caffeinated equals asterisks Cold Brewed equals c symbol

Coffee section

Drip (7am - 1pm)


Choice of house blend or decaf

Americano Choice of house blend or decaf



Flat White / Cappuccino



Vegan mushroom immunity booster, sweetened with monk fruit

Espresso Tonic

Espresso over fever tree indian tonic water (iced)

Coconut Mocha

Latte with coconut and mocha syrup

Nutella Latte

Latte with hazelnut and mocha syrup

Cold Brew

Single origin or blend

Cold Brew Latte

Non-Coffee section

Strawberry Milk

Hot Chocolate

Strawberry Lemonade

Tea and Tea Latte section

Matcha Latte

Premium matcha with milk

Blueberry Matcha

Premium matcha, natural blueberry flavor, sweetened with cane sugar


Premium Matcha over water

Strawberry Matcha

Premium Matcha, housemade strawberry puree, milk

Chaga Matcha

Chaga and matcha latte fusion

London Fog

Earl grey tea, vanilla, milk

Chai Latte

Organic blend with milk

Loose Leaf Teas

Various organic blends from Rishi Jasmine (caffeinated), Jade cloud (Caffeinated and cold brewed), Chamomile, Peach blossom (Caffeinated and cold brewed), Earl grey (caffeinated), Wild guava (cold brewed), Hibiscus Berry

Add-On section

Add Shot

Single Double

Syrup Options

Simple Syrup Seasonal Vanilla, Hazelnut, Honey, Lavender, Mocha

Alternative Milks

Whole Milk Non-Fat Half and Half Oat Almond Macadamia Pistachio