Single Serve Pour Over Drip Bag Coffee-Brazil Decaf

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Premium Roast Single Serve Pour Over Coffee by Reborn Coffee-Brazil Decaf


Reborn Coffee Drip Bag Coffee-Brazil Decaf

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Fair Trade Certified Coffee
  • Process: Swiss Water Process for Decaffeination
  • Altitude: 1500-1899 meters
  • Roasting Profile: Medium Dark Roast
  • Roasted Fresh Daily & Shipped Directly
  • Cupping Notes: Mild acidity, nutty, dark chocolate finish

Pour Over Drip Bag Coffee Instructions:

  1. Take out the coffee bag and carefully tear along the dotted line.
  2. Pull out the hanging arms from the coffee bag,
  3. Pour 1 oz of boiling water to saturate coffee grounds, wait 15 seconds before gently pouring 4-5 oz of hot water over the grounds.
  4. When pouring is finished, dispose of the filter bag, dilute with hot water to suit your taste.


About Our Coffee:

Reborn Green begins with a patented green coffee bean wash process.
The green, unroasted beans are “reborn” through accelerated germination.
In effect, this technology restores much of the beauty and complexity that gets lost in the long journey from farm to the roaster, creating premium quality, award-winning, eco-friendly, sprouted coffee.
You may have tasted coffee but you've never experienced anything like this.


Customer Reviews

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The very best decaf❤️

The best decaf❤️

Very very good

The coffee smells and taste incredibly awesome

It's a fun way to taste the best coffee!

Love this invention. It's just fun to do and watch the coffee dripped. By the way, I had some questions about coffee makers and the Reborn staff were so generous to share their best tips with me!!! They rock. Cannot wait to visit them in person after COVID clears.


Like the packaging, convenience, etc. the coffee itself is fine.