Welcome to the 4th Wave – Reborn Coffee

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Welcome to the 4th Wave

Our mission is to introduce a new wave of coffee. A movement in which every step in the coffee-making process is as important as any other. Where each step is optimized through the lenses of both science and art, and social responsibility is considered with just as much significance.
We are Reborn.
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Reborn Process - Pushing the Boundaries in Coffee

Every aspect of the coffee-making process is as important as any other. 


we are committed to serve the best coffee. We only select premium specialty coffees that are transparent and traceable to their source. Selecting a good green coffee bean is the most important part of making great coffee. The REBORN PROCESS starts with green bean re-conditioning technology that is performed at Reborn Roasting Works since our beginning. It is this very unique and special green bean processing technology that distinguishes our coffee from the others. The key elements of the Reborn Process are washing, germinating and drying. The Reborn Process allows a green coffee to sustain its potential beyond the optimal level. Each step of the process represents a significant impact to the taste of our coffee from the aroma to the finish. The coffees that are treated by our REBORN PROCESS carry higher quality and are proved to be more complex, flavorful, yet clean and delicate in taste.


Our Vision

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We redefine our waters to its original taste and cultivate our coffees to be pure. Nature has all the answers and it overcomes all.


Our products bloom into life in your hands. We suggest a room for breathing and satisfaction for a healthier life. Our water and coffee refreshes and nourishes you.


At Reborn, we want to share good values and create excitement within communities. Our goal is to introduce a new wave of coffee culture so we can restore and spread the good coffee vibe in the communities.


From humble hearts of service within our local communities, we reach out to global boundaries. We learn from difference and work together to create true goodness.