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The New Generation of Sprouted Green Bean

The New Generation of Sprouted Green Bean

Reborn Green Bean Conditioning

The uniqueness of Reborn Coffee begins with Reborn Coffees exclusive green bean conditioning process. It is an additional green bean treatment procedure held before coffee roasting. Reborn Green Bean Conditioning can be divided into four major phases: washing, activating, and drying, and separating of defect beans.

Washing Green beans first get washed with a measured volume of Reborn Water for a brief period of time. This procedure removes potential dirt, pollution, and pesticides from the green beans while limiting the loss of bean's distinct ingredients and flavors. In addition, portion of immature beans get separated by floating above the Reborn Water and being discriminated during this process for a "clean cup" of coffee.

Activating Washed green beans are transferred to a specially designed cask with an appropriate amount of conditioning solution for an activation process. During this phase, the chamber is isolated from the outer environment to minimize the air exposure. Internal temperature of chamber is precisely controlled to preserve an optimal condition to drive activation. During this process, Reborn Coffee's distinctive rich and smooth tasting notes are formed.

Drying Activated green beans are stocked to a drying apparatus to unify the moisture level around 10-13%. Two major purposes of this process are: (1) to prohibit the formation of mold, and most important, (2) to result a precise roasting profile. Roasting is a delicate process and the taste of coffee dramatically changes each second during its critical periods (especially around second crack phase). The moisture level of green bean is a crucial factor for the result of roasting. As the moisture levels of green beans are varied, there will be a higher chance of over-roasted and under-roasted bean presence from the targeted roasting profile. The drying process of Reborn green bean conditioning reduces this variance, and allows more fine-tuned taste of coffee with an increased reproductivity of optimal roasting.

Separating Dried green bean are separated finally to remove the defect beans such as sour beans recognized by their color, fungus damage, insect damage, broken, chipped, cut, withered, and shell.

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