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The Reborn Process

It All Started with Water

A chemist, Dr. KB Park was exploring ways to enhance drinking water on the molecular level. His goal was to split water clusters into smaller particles, by the means of a proprietary magnetic process, to allow for better absorption in the human body. It took 20 years for him to create the first “Nano-Cluster” Reborn™ Water.

Reborn Water enables to achieve superior plant growth, enhance hydration for athletes and improve the flavor of food.  Fast forward to 2013, our chemist began his journey in exploring ways to make the perfect cup-of-Joe with Reborn Water.

Germinated Coffee

The chemical profile of a coffee bean changes three times before it is brewed. From its original bean form, on to the sprouting phase and then into the roaster.  Our chemist was able to carefully catalog optimal conditions during each phase and managed to devise and extraordinarily decadent roast.

A cup of Reborn coffee captures the full beauty and complexity of that familiar alluring coffee aroma with every sip, translating a glorious symphony to the palette without the distraction of a single bitter note. It is arrogantly bold, appropriately loud, yet dances on the tongue ever so gracefully – ever so elegantly. A true symphonic masterpiece.”-Elliot Kim, Nobu Newport Beach

The Reborn Process

What Reborn Coffee does for better coffee:

  • Bean Bath – The poor beans traveled a long, arduous journey to get to us, so the first thing they deserve is a nice bath. After a long plane ride, wouldn’t you want a nice bath too? We meticulously wash our beans with our magnetically treated Reborn Water to extract impurities so that they are clean and rejuvenated.
  • Bean Nursery – After a careful wash the germination process begins and the beans come to life; slightly sprouting. This activation of new life enhances the levels of nutrients in each bean and the result is an entirely new flavor profile as they are roasted.
  • Drying – Once our beans have sprouted, they are dried and prepared for roasting.
  • Roasting – Headquartered in sunny SoCal, we roast all of our beans onsite at our Reborn Roasting Works facility. We roast our germinated beans in smaller batches to maintain the highest quality and consistency before packing and shipping them to you. Before roasting, we meticulously clean and prepare our roaster for each new batch to eliminate unwanted burnt residue. Using the most state of the art Loring Falcon S15 precision roaster, we roast our germinated beans fresh to order.  

The Future of Reborn

We know that a solid cup of coffee can set the tone of your day.  This is why we will always provide the highest quality germinated coffee beans through constant innovation.  Our goal is to put a smile on your face and become the heart of your community.  Whether our coffee shop is a place where you study, need to be creative, catch up with friends or rekindle relationships—we’re here for you.


Unroasted coffee beans being washed with water spraying from two poles that are hanging above the beans.

Empty collection tray of a turned off coffee roaster.

Two streams of espresso from a double spout portafilter going into an espresso glass.