Cold Brew Concentrate

Product image 1Cold Brew Concentrate
Product image 2Cold Brew Concentrate
Product image 3Cold Brew Concentrate
Product image 4Cold Brew Concentrate

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Award Winning Cold Coffee Brew!

Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

Gradel Washed & Reborn Processed

Blueberry, Watermelon, Dark Chocolate

Specialized Green Beans Uniquely Sprouted, Washed, Dried and Prepared


  • 500ml

The element of reborn manual brewing has been applied to coffee industry’s newly rising method: cold-brewing. Benefits of Reborn Coffee water's faster hydration and Reborn conditioning's smooth taste revealed most on cold-brewed coffee drinks. Reborn Cold-Brew is an industry-advanced coffee-beverage with an extraordinarily clean, rich, and refreshing pleasure


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