Cold Brew Coffee Gift Pack - Valencia

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Winner of “America’s Best Cold Brew” 2 years in a row! 2017 & 2018 Back to Back Champion!!

Cold Brew Coffee Pack Valencia Set

This Gift Set includes 1 bag of Roasted Whole bean coffee and 1 box of 6 cold brew packs. 

Cold Brew Coffee Pack-Reborn Coffee Signature Blend Valencia

Each box comes with 6 conveniently packaged brew bags full of 30g of ground coffee.
One brew bag makes 20 - 22oz of cold brew coffee. 

Reborn Coffee Signature Blend Valencia Whole Bean Coffee :

A symphony of Colombian, Mexican, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian. Roasted for espresso and drip coffee, the Valencia blend combines elements of all of our world-class beans to provide the perfect signature blend. Amazingly balanced, full-bodied, nuanced, and packed with flavor.

  • Process: Reborn Process
  • Fresh Roasted Coffee
  • Fair Trade Certified Coffees
  • Roasting Profile: Dark/Medium roast
  • Roasted Fresh Daily & Shipped Directly
  • Net Weight: 12oz Bag
  • Cupping Notes: Floral, Strawberry, Organic Peel, Milk Chocolate, Clean Finish

     How to Brew our Cold Brew Pack

    1. How to brew on Youtube
    2. Put one Reborn Coffee Cold Brew Coffee Brewing pack into a pitcher then add 20 - 24oz of water, shakes or stir to soak filter.
    3. Steep in the refrigerator overnight, or for 8 -12 hours.
    4. When it's finished steeping, discard the coffee pouches and add ice.
    5. Enjoy your Cold-Brewed Ice coffee. The concentrate can also be mixed with milk or sugar to get a more intense flavor.

    About our Coffees

    Reborn Green begins with a patented green coffee bean wash process.
    The green, unroasted beans are "Reborn" through accelerated germination.
    In effect, this technology restores much of the beauty and complexity that gets lost in the long journey from farm to the roaster, creating premium quality, award-winning, eco-friendly, sprouted coffee.
    You may have tasted coffee but you have never experienced anything like this.