The Mission

“We’re not looking for fame and fortune. We’re just excited to share our discovery of of Sprouted Coffee to the world. Now, we simply want to serve our iteration of what we believe is the best cup of joe and bring the world closer; one Reborn community at a time." - Jay Kim, CEO of Reborn

    The third wave coffee is a movement that we cannot ignore. It has rekindled a new passion and love for an art form that was once drowned out by mass production and convenience. Third wave coffee products are characterized by their ultra premium quality, responsibility and traceability in how and where they are sourced, and the meticulous method in which they are prepared and served. However, they are becoming a “dime a dozen” and the majority is only differentiated by the packaging they are sold in.

    Among the monotonous sea of premium third wave coffee sprouts Reborn Coffee Roasters with an entirely new concept – Sprouted Coffee. We aim to not only knock your socks off with our sprouted coffee, we want to enrich the communities where Reborn Coffee is sold. We’re not trying to conquer the world, we just want to impress you.

    Our Product

    We’ve created a completely new, delectable product that has been designed with a little bit of science, a little bit of art, and whole lot of love. Our team believes in innovation and will always be exploring new ways to improve our products so you are served nothing but the freshest and the best tasting coffee ever. We meticulously hand pick all third party products that align with our highest standards of quality and beliefs.

    Our Stores

    We’ve designed our stores to be upscale but never exclusive; a place that embraces community and encourages interaction and inclusion. We want to be the breath of fresh air as you start your day, a remedy for your Monday blues, and a place for you to loosen your tie after a hard day’s work. You, our precious customer, are our main source of inspiration and will always be at the forefront of our ongoing efforts to improve our retail game. So, we want you to be fearless in giving us feedback and we promise to listen especially when we have an opportunity to do things better.

    Our People

    We believe in diversity, inclusion, and the power of ideas. We encourage all our team members to share ideas freely to keep wellspring of innovation alive and flowing. We value fearless feedback within our Reborn community because we all believe that communication is the key to happy relationships. Above all, we are a family and we embrace one another with the utmost respect and dignity.

    Our Promise

    We will always strive to serve you nothing but the best and continue to innovate to be even better. We promise to listen and be proactive. We promise to interact and be involved in our communities. We promise we’ll never judge or be exclusive but embrace diversity and inclusion. We promise to put you first and always serve you with a smile.




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