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Sustainability First

Sustainability First!

Sustainability is about a promise we make to the people and the land where coffee is grown - a promise to support the economies, health, well being, justice and future of these people and their land. We stand against the injustice of unfair commodity pricing by only buying green beans that help sustain coffee farmers economies and not just the exporters. We always purchase, when possible, coffee that is certified organic, shade grown, and bird friendly. We stand for the millions of farmers who don’t have a voice in how the second most traded natural
resource next to oil is sold at prices that are unsustainable. We care about the earth the coffee was grown in as well as the earth where the spent grounds are disposed of by finding sustainable ways to use the grounds, such as composting for natural fertilizer. We don’t talk about sustainability, we do sustainability - all of the time, responsibly, passionately and transparently.

We at Reborn Coffee, believe sustainability is at the core of what every business should be and how they should operate. We firmly believe that our impact on the environment and our global footprint should be big and small, respectively, and we aim to do that in the following ways:

1. From the Coffee itself - we source from farms with a heart for sustainability practices but it doesn't stop there. We want every aspect of our product to be earth-friendly. We are investing in being one of the few roasters to use compostable packaging with every product we sell in-store and online.

2. From our Manufacturing plant - We outfitted our operations with a Loring Smart Roaster to reduce our carbon footprint by 80%. We compost all of our coffee chaff and grinds both in our production facility and at every retail location, and the water we use to wash our beans is
responsibly disposed of at the local hazardous waste management facility.

3. From our Retail Stores - We operate first and foremost with a “green” mentality. We reduce waste as much as possible in the stores, recycle and compost the majority of our waste. We outfitted our locations with compost & recycling bins for our customers as well, and aim to share best practices when it comes to reducing/reusing waste. Expired beans that are not able to be sold retail, are re-purposed for cold brew production. Nothing is wasted.

4. The Farms - Each farm we source from strives to use sustainable systems of
operation through it’s farming practice and/or the communities they engage in. By
providing jobs for communities, they contribute to a healthy economy and improve
They also make it a focus to partner with programs, and organizations whose missions ensure avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.
     ⁃ Ethiopia - Our Ethiopian coffee comes from the Debo washing station which is part of a community social program called "Testi's Project Direct”. Their aim  is to create sustainability through community development. They provide small holder farmers and their families with basic community needs and resources such as clean water sources, schools and schooling supplies, as well as any local project that can improve the communities they work with.
    ⁃ Colombia Women of Pijao - The association was formed in 2015 by 36 women farmers in the town of Pijao, Quindio. The goal is to have all of the ladies producing top quality coffee, and it's not an impossible goal! We are already seeing improvements in just one year of working together so we are excited to see what the future holds.
    ⁃ Mexico Belisaro - All of our current lots from Mexico come from Mayan Winds Legacy. Juan is the founder of the company and started the company as a way to help indigenous peoples after the conflict between the Mexican government and unhappy indigenous communities came to a head in the 1990's. Beyond the social aspect, our partners are dedicated to taking care of the earth. All coffees are 100% organic and naturally grown. Juan handles every step of production from planting,working with growers, processing, and even shipping.

5. The Roasting - nothing is wasted
⁃ We minimize our carbon footprint by using a Loring Smart Roaster which reduces carbon emissions by 80%
⁃ We compost our grinds and coffee chaff and we are planning to put together a
program with the chamber of commerce to give away our coffee rich compost to the communities we do business in.
⁃ Through the Reborn Process we can potentially make non organic coffee truly
organic - reborn green beans undergo a proprietary wash processes with reborn
nano water. The beans are washed twice to remove any chemicals, micro-toxins,
and debris from the bean. The clusters in reborn nano water are smaller due to the magnetic process it undergoes. This allows for the wash to be that much more
efficient when done with a submerged aeration apparatus. This is a claim we are
currently verifying by getting the dirty water tested by an EPA certified facility.
⁃ We practice sustainable waste management - composting, recycling, and water
conservation at our manufacturing site and our retail locations

6. Our Impact - We are currently working towards making a significant sustainability impact.
⁃ For each origin of bean we sell we plan to contribute a percentage of the gross
revenue to contribute to the sustainable causes listed below.
- Central & South American Origins (Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil) -
- Ethiopia - We believe in supporting causes beyond just
agriculture. We believe in supporting issues related to health, nutrition,
and youth education within the Ethiopian communities -

3-5 year plan:
Once Reborn is profitable and a well-oiled machine, we want to focus on impacting the communities we reside in. We aim to build a - a 501(c)(3) organization that will operate as a non-profit through monetary donations,community outreach, and sponsorship. We hope to be more than just a contributor - we want to lead the industry into the 4th wave.