Mastermind behind Reborn Coffee

The core of Reborn technology was established in 2005 with Dr. KB Bae Park

Park's invention of Magienzer (compound word of "magnet" + "energizer", Patented in South Korea # 0722302). Dr. Park was focusing on the fact of the earth gradually losing its own magnetic force and following effects on the water.

Theoretically, earth's diminished magnetic force causes the formation of water cluster chunks and reduces an efficiency of water's natural performance including hydration. This natural phenomenon is accused as a significant reason for an increase of various diseases and environmental issues. Dr. Park's Magienzer was invented as of a solution to this unnatural tendency. It is a pollution-free, and a high-magnetic device designed in purpose of breaking down chunked water clusters into smaller nano-pieces for an effort of faster hydration and a smoother mouth feeling. The water passed through Magienzer was named as "Reborn Water" with the meaning of restoring water into its original optimal performance and quality.

        UNTREATED WATER                                          REBORN WATER

            Random Cluster Sizes                                               Nano Cluster Sizes

Effect of Magienzer

Random sized cluster chunks of untreated water break down into nano-clusters during its passage through high-magnetic Reborn Magienzer.

Continuous researches and numerous applications of Rebrn Water (for example, Reborn Coffee) have been performed since the invention of Magienzer. Dr. Park's passion of serving the best quality of products in its nature-oriented form to everyone is still ongoing and being shared as the core value of Reborn Coffee.