Investment Opportunities

Interested in investing into Reborn Coffee? We are offering Regulation A subscription."
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Regulation A+ is an exemption program provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) providing for the sale of securities to investors (accredited and non-accredited) while also allowing the same public promotion of the offering and investment opportunity as would be provided for in a fully public registered offering. Regulation A+ provides a more streamlined and cost effective method to execute a public offering to raise capital, sell to any investor whether they be accredited or non-accredited, and still maintain status as a private company that is not subject to the same reporting requirements of a fully public company post offering. Further, Regulation A+ issued securities are freely trading from the outset – unlike securities sold under Regulation D which are subject to the Rule 144 transfer restrictions.

Regulation A+ is divided into two offering programs, referred to as Tier 1 ($20 million max) and Tier 2 ($75 million max). (Source)