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At Reborn Coffee, we strive to introduce the Fourth Wave of coffee. The Fourth Wave is a movement within specialty coffee with an innovated twist and focus on specific preparation, roasting, and/or brewing methods. Fourth Wave also incorporates science and water chemistry, with the development of brewing method equipment.



Since 2017, we here at Reborn have been balancing the craft of coffee with scientific precision in pursuit of constant innovation in the coffee industry. We're very excited to share our craft of award-wining coffee with you and offer you an opportunity to run a Reborn Coffee Kiosk or Cafe yourself.

Franchise Benefits: 

  • Premium Coffee & Branded Supplies Distribution 
  • Training and operational support
  • Local and national marketing support and brand recognition



Reborn Kiosk
Reborn Cafe
Lined with cold brew taps, Reborn Coffee kiosks are a simple concept with lower start up costs. At this kiosk, coffee-based drinks, both hot and cold, can created through our award-winning cold brew concentrate.  The classic Reborn Coffee cafe consists of all the elements you know and love in a specialty coffee shop: freshly ground coffee, an espresso machine, and cold brew taps. 
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