Single Serve Drip Bag - 3 Months Valencia Gift Subscription

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12 Packs / 3 Months Gift Subscription

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Pour Over Drip Bag Coffee-3 Months Gift Subscription

Instruction (Best way to enjoy)

  1. Place pour over pack on preferably tall cup
  2. Prepare 5.29oz (150grams) of 200F water
  3. Pour 1.764oz (50 grams) 3 times over the coffee grounds
  4. Wait for the water to filter through each time before adding the 1.764oz (50 grams) increments
  5. Enjoy black or with your favorite milk/sweetener of choice 

Perfect for Coffee Lovers!

A symphony of Colombian, Mexican, Guatemalan, and Ethiopian. Roasted for espresso and drip coffee, the Valencia blend combines elements of all of our world class beans to provide the perfect signature blend. Amazingly balanced, full bodied, nuanced and packed with flavor.
Specialty Coffee in the most convenient form.
  • 11 grams of ready to brew pour over coffee, perfectly balanced for your morning.
  • Since all you need is hot water, they're ideal for camping or backpacking.
  • Process: Reborn Process
  • Roasting Profile: Medium roast
  • Cupping Notes: Floral, Strawberry, Organic Peel, Milk Chocolate, Clean Finish

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Love this coffee every time I order it.

Great coffee and fast shipping. My 2nd order with them. Will buy again. Thank you!!!