Hawaiian volcanic tea

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Type: Red tea

Process: 100% Hawaii Volcanic Tea / Organic tea farm

Notes: Our tea plants are grown on the volcanic slopes located on the Big Island of Hawaii within the Hawaiian rain forest found 4000 feet above sea level. From these plants, we make Volcanic Tea.
Hawaii’s environment for our tea is clean and pure. The virginal volcanic soil gives our tea a unique taste that differs from tea produced in bigger countries.
Rich in caffeine, anti-oxidants, and other beneficial compounds, a cup of volcanic tea offers a unique aroma and exquisite taste for its drinker..

Brewing Instruction: Pour 400 ml (13.5 fl.oz) of hot boiling water into a tea pot holding 6g of volcanic tea. Let sit for 2-4 minutes or until desired taste. Same tea leaves can be infused 3-4 times - just add 1 minute to each infusion