Award Winning Cold Brew Concentrate

Americas BEST COLD BREW Competition

Traditional Still - Portland 2017

The element of reborn manual brewing has been applied to coffee industry’s newly rising method: cold-brewing. Benefits of Reborn Coffee water's faster hydration and Reborn conditioning's smooth taste revealed most on cold-brewed coffee drinks. Reborn Cold-Brew is an industry-advanced coffee-beverage with an extraordinarily clean, rich, and refreshing pleasure

REBORN EX-100 Reborn Coffee's first mass-producing cold-brew extractor. Extracts 100L of cold-bew coffee concentrates within 4-hour duration.

Reborn EX series are the mass cold-brew extracting machines designed to perform Reborn Coffees own method of cold-brewing. Unlike industry standard steeping method, EX series takes "dripping method" with computerized phase control system. This allows producing concentrated cold-brew extracts (TDS-5%) while limiting undesired contents those may disturb coffee's pleasant taste notes. High concentrated form of Reborn Cold-Brew allows more flexibility of creating numerous types of drinks with and addition of other ingredients with desires intensities. The purity of the extracts provides more balanced pleasure as they are mixed. Currently, Reborn Cold-Brew is produced in an organic certified facility for its quality


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